Benefits of Using Drone Photos and Videos for Real Estate Listings

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

The real estate industry has really benefited from technology during the past few years. Each year cheaper, yet more powerful cameras that allow for superior quality photos and videos are coming to the market. Statistics reveal that over 80% of all potential home buyers start their property search online based off of these new high quality photos and videos.

drone videos for real estate
Generally, most online real estate listings have 2-5 still outdoor photos showing the front, side, and back of the property and amenities like the pool. The other remaining 10-15 photos showcase the interior features of the house. Even though research reveals that videos are more captivating and engaging, very few agents are leveraging the power of videos when showcasing their listings. The direct benefits of highlighting a property using videos are many, but a lot of real estates agencies have no idea where they should begin.

One of the best ways to capture quality and engaging videos and photos is by the use of drones. Drone videos and aerial photography are quickly becoming the mainstream, allowing real estate agencies and home sellers to showcase and highlight their property in a unique and stunning way.

Before drones, aerial videography and photography were done using airplanes and helicopters. The major challenge with using this method was that the cost was too high since you had to rent an airplane or helicopter, hire the pilot, then hire a photographer. As a result, this powerful tool was really only available to high end real estate agencies and property owners that had larger marketing budgets.

The invention of drones has leveled the ground for any home seller who wishes to use aerial videos and photos to market their property. Drones are much cheaper, costing only a fraction of what hiring a helicopter or airplane used to cost. Better still, you don’t even have to buy your own drone, you can simply hire the drone videography and aerial photography services at an even much cheaper price.

And if you’re wondering why drones, here is a quick look at the main benefits of using drone videos and aerial photography for Real Estate listings

• Drone Videos Are Affordable: as mentioned, drones have made aerial filming extremely affordable and readily accessible to anyone. You only need one trained photographer and a small portable drone to get stunning videos and photos

• Drone videos are captivating: drone videos reveal in clear, vivid footage the details of a property in a captivating and interactive manner unlike what you can get with still ground photos.

• Integrated and Cross-platform Marketing: Real estate drone videos and images can be easily and quickly shared across different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest and Linkedin without breaking the bank. You can also add them to your blogs, landing pages, and newsletters.

• Drones Are Versatile and Portable: Drones are much easier to maneuver and can be operated in pretty much any type of environment, unlike large helicopters or airplanes. Drones are compact and portable, and can seamlessly take footage at low altitudes and difficult narrow spaces.

• Good at highlighting features of properties: With drone aerial filming, you can zoom and highlight special features of your properties at different angles with ease by using photography drones. You can highlight special areas such are swimming pools, patios, and gardens, and even show off some of the neighboring amenities such as parks, schools, shopping areas and much more.

Aerial drone videos and photography are highly beneficial in the sales of real estate properties. Any determined, serious real estate agent or home seller should consider these benefits when preparing to sell a property.  It’s also a way of letting your potential clients know that you take your work seriously and you will do what it takes to offer the best in the industry.

The best part is you don’t even need any technical know-how.  All you need is to know the right aerial drone photography and videography service provider.


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