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Best Drone Camera with Discount from Amazon

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Drones and action camera are becoming very popular these days and are not going away for long time as you know many new concepts of drones like drone racing,drone delivery etc are coming in the market but drone photography is very popular among drone enthusiasts from day 1 when the the personal use mini drones become open for public .

we all want to take good quality pictures with our drones for remembering our happy time in future and shooting professional quality videos ,so if your drone comes with a good camera then its fine if not then you need to go for best drone camera to get best pics from your drones .

Here we have come up with a small list of best drone camera’s for you to buy if you want replace your current drone camera because it doesn’t take good quality pics or your drone doesn’t come with a camera then it will help you to choose best drone camera according to your budget to get picture quality from your drones and its camera

Best drone camera’s with discount for best pictures

1. GoPro HERO4 Black

Gopro hero 4 black is a awesome quality drone compatible sports action camera for capturing mesmerizing images with its jaw dropping camera quality and image processing technology .  It comes with powerful processor ,advanced settings options for color,audio,iso limit ,exposure and much more to make your videos and images best in class .

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GoPro-CHDHX-401-HERO4-BLACK-best drone camera

Some of the great features of gopro hero 4 are as follows

  • Gopro hero 4 is capable of capturing awesome quality Professional videos at 4K resolution upto 50 frames , 2.7K resolution upto 30 frames and full hd videos along with 720p resolution at 240 frames per second resolution video for slow-motion play back ,also not to foget it takes 12MP pics upto 30 frames/sec
  • It comes with wifi and bluetooth built in with its gopro app along with smart remote etc
  • It has much better camera control along with built-in video trimming capabilities than previous gopro camera which lets you create and cut videos right on your gopro camera
  • wide angle camera gives good quality picture across your arena
  • for best experience in low light shooting  it comes with Night Photo and Night Lapse features

gopro hero 4 black can capture videos in 4k upto 30 frames per second and doesn’t come with a touch displace but gopro hero 4 silver can capture videos in 2.7k upto 30 frames per second and comes with a touch displace ,so you can choose according to your budget and requirement for best use of gopro .

if you want latest version of gopro action camera for your drone then checkout gopro hero 6


2. GEEKPRO Pro2 4K HD WIFI Action Camera

Its a awesome quality camera for action sports and drones for capturing good quality images and videos .its being loved by lots of people who rated it 5 stars for its durability,image quality and features. go ahead and but this one if you want something in medium budget of good quality and you will not regret later for your decision



Some of the great features of geekpro pro 2 action camera are as follows

  • it comes with 4k video and image capturing capability. it can record upto 70 minutes of video content when full charge ,also recording time depends on resolution chosen ,high resolution means low time and vice versa.
  • it features 2 inch screen to see whats being shoot by the camera right from your eyes while shooting and recording.
  • it comes with Built-in Wi-Fi for transferring data to app which acts as a video function remote on your smartphones and tablets.
  • with this amazing quality drone compatible camera you can capture under water also as its Waterproof upto 30 Meters.

some of the other interesting features of this camera which will compel you to buy it are Loop record,burst photo, time stamp, Exposure control, time lapse and much more which makes it a perfect camera for newbies and action sports addicts and drone owners 


3. Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera

Its a nice little camera with good design and built quality made to impress you with its feature and picture quality in various action sports scenario and while in your drone capturing photos for you .

Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera-action drone camera

Some of the great features of Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera are as follows

  • This Action sports Camera Lightweight and Portable
  • it comes with built in wifi which helps you to transfer images and videos to your smart phones instantly in 100 m range .
  • It works in 4 modes which includes Time-lapse photo, Timed photo ,Photo mode, Timed Video which makes it great camera for drone 
  • it comes with a LED Battery Status Indicator to keep you updated with its battery status all the time

it also got some downside as no product is perfect ,the one which i found is that it is 1.4mm bigger in size than gopro which means some drone gimbals might require some kind of modification to get it fit like you need to fill in extra space with something in gimbals like dji zenmuse etc

overall it a nice buy at this price pint which makes it good for all as its picture quality is comparable to gopro upto some extent


4. Antix Quadcopter Compatible Full HD WIFI Sports Action Camera

Its a nice action camera for drones which comes with 140 degree wide angle lens for best quality images and videos with its different recording modes and automatic while balance modes .many people like it and you will too .


Antix Quadcopter Compatible Full HD 1080P WIFI Camcorder Sports Action Camera-best drone camera

Some of the great features of antix drone compatible Action Camera are as follows

  • Its a drone compatible full hd camera with wifi for streaming 
  • it comes with water proof design and comes with Grade IP68 besides 100 meters waterproof feature.
  • it comes with Built-in microphone along with dual-Mic for high quali
  • you can control it with remote from 100 m distance

Its quality is good and you will like it ,although its not comparable to current gopro camera but to older go pros which i think is ok as their is difference in price point too,this being cheap and gopro being expensive


5. DBPOWER EX5000 2.0inch WIFI 14MP FHD Sports Action Camera

its a nice drone compatible action camera which comes with anti shake feature which allows you to take good quality pics while your hands are shaking dues to any reason .its rated 5 stars by lots of people because its affordable and comes with good built quality to capture awesome quality pics and videos for long time ,so you wont regret buying this for capturing your action sports moments with your drone etc and this buddy any time

DBPOWER EX5000 2.0inch WIFI 14MP 1080P FHD Waterproof Sports Action Camera

Some of the great features of dbpower ex5000 Action Camera are as follows

  • it comes with 2 inch screen to view your images and videos in real time live on the screen
  • it comes with 14MP Panasonic camera with CMOS Sensor along with 170° wide angle lens that helps in fast video capture from wider area in your surroundings 
  • it comes with an extra battery for capturing the pics and videos for longer duration without any wait time for full enjoyment while using it .
  • it comes with BUILT- IN WIFI for streaming videos and pics to your phone and tabs.

Not to forget that it comes with 12 months warranty and good after sale service for you to make it work if you encounter any problem while using it .this is one of the reason people love it so much


Drone camera is an important part of a drone ,if you have a good camera on your drone then you can take amazing picture that will last for ever and give you awesome cherishable moments for future.so let us know which action camera you like for your drone from the list of best drone camera given above


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