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Best Drones with Long Control Range to Buy in 2018

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Here we are going to cover some of the best drones with long distance range they can cover in their respective price point when compared to other drones in similar competition range for you to buy these awesome drones with long control ranges to fly easily to long distances in 2018 and beyond .

so come on folks without any further delay lets go ahead and take a look at drones which would take your imagination far and beyond your reach in sky to explore some hidden landscape and capture some jaw dropping nature photography just a click of a button on your drone RC mill’s away from the real place easily .

best long range drones to buy in 2018

1. Dji Mavic Pro : best long range portable drone

DJI Mavic Pro is a nice foldable long-range drone which can be packed in your backpack and fly upto 64 kmph and comes with incredible 25 minutes flight time approx .the on board ocusync system on board offers nearly 7km of control and transmission range

DJI Mavic Pro follow me drone

The camera is great .you can shoot 4k videos at 30 frames per second and shoot 12 mp stills with your friends and family moreover 3axis gimbal makes shooting videos and images much easier to capture some cool pictures from different angles.

People who have bought it are loving it , so will you once you buy it with discount at the lowest price from the link given below.but some people have found trouble connecting with the support team at DJI for some issues , which might be due to heavy orders , so if don’t get a reply for your queries from customer support service, you can refer to some online videos and tutorials , FAQS to get your problem sorted if any.

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2. Dji Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 follow me drone

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3. Yuneec Typhoon H UHD long range 4K Collision Avoidance Hexacopter with lot of features

its a nice hexacopter to take awesome pictures with its 12mp camera and shoot videos in 4k with its 3axis gimbal for the full 360-degree view.

it comes with lots of cool features such as orbit me which allows the drone camera to the circle around you while you are moving to capture videos from different angles in the 360-degree view.

The point of interest allows you to explore a particular area in full 360 keeping the focus on a special point of interest in that area .

journey mode with help you capture the best selfie from a distance of up to 150 ft without any problem and curve cable cam feature allows you to set the coordinates for the drone to go and explore and capture stunning videos by adjusting the camera by itself.


Yuneec Typhoon H UHD 4K follow me Hexacopter Drone

overall it is a nice drone to buy and you will definitely enjoy using this hexacopter, to know more about it and get a discount on your purchase visit amazon.com from the link given below

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4. REALACC V262 : 4CH long range 6-Axis Gyro enabled UFO Quadcopter Drone

REALACC V262 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Big UFO long range Quadcopter Drone

Some of the nice features of this realacc long range drone are as follows :

It comes with headless mode and led lights to make it look awesome at night.besides that it features 4-speed modes for flying at different levels and comes with 2.4 GHz radio,LCD screen and much more.

It’s is light weight and durable because of molded foam along with graphite struts which makes its body solid .its comes in 55-55-5 cm size and supports action cameras to captures some jaw-dropping footage easily.

you can start flying it out of the box easily without any problem because its easy to fly for skilled people and novice also.

so go ahead and buy this long-range realacc v262 quadcopter and get some fun in the sky flying this drone.


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5. SPEEDWOLF VAJRA80 Professional RC UAV RTF Drones

SPEEDWOLF VAJRA80 Professional RC UAV RTF long range Drones

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6. Holy Stone F181 RC long control range Quadcopter Drone

Holy Stone F181 RC long range Quadcopter Drone

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7. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV long range best Drone

its a nice long-range drone with nice features and build quality to give you fun while flying an amazing drone.

DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV long range Drone

Some of the amazing features of this dbpower mjx drone are as follows :

It comes with headless mode to fly it easily without worrying about the direction of the drone .to know more about headless mode in drone you can go https://minidronereview.com/headless-mode-drone-quadcopter/

it is compatible with 3d split screen displays like 3d vr headsets via mjx app by using your vr headset like oculus etc /

battery charge time is around 120 minutes with flight time of about 9 minutes maximum at a maximum flying range of 100 meters which i think i fine taking in consideration its medium price point .

it comes with real time fpv functions which allows you to see all the drone footage directly on your smartphone easily in real time while its shooting the videos in sky.

some other interesting fuctions of this drone includes 3d roll ,stable flight with 6 axis gyro and many more which makes it good choice at sub $100 price point for pro’s and novices to fly it easily without any hassele.

you can buy its extra motor from here ,batteries from here and blades from here for safety incase something bad happens to your drone.

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Hope you liked our collection of some of the best long control range drones to fly high and far without losing control to capture some of the best shots from the sky from far away distance from your drone with long flying range easily.

so go ahead buy one of the above shared quadcopters with long control range with discount in 2018 to take your drone flying passion to next level and share it with your friends also as they may be interested in buying these top long-range drones too to fly with you and have some good time flying quadcopters with long control ranges from the mountain tops or world-famous beaches .


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