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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Photography is something that help us capture some awesome moments to cherish them later with family and friends for bliss all around in year to come later.Having a drone for photography takes your pics from different positions in sky which give you some good and awesome quality pictures from different angles .

Generally when we head to buy best drone for photography purpose we should make sure that it has a nice and high quality camera capable of capturing some awesome pictures without any distortion and blurring effects . when taking in consideration the drone camera ,their are mainly 2 types of drones based on camera which are drones with attached camera like phantom 4 ,yuneec q500 drone ,DJI inspire etc and drones without attached camera like airdog drone ,gopro karma etc which gives you freedom to attach whichever camera of your choice and quality to your drone for taking some nice pics like gopro action camera etc .

drones with attached camera are more expensive than without attached camera …and you know the reason !!! so with the increase in drone consumer market and photography passion each year we thought of featuring some awesome ,durable and good quality drones for almost all people with different budget to buy a good drone with camera and take your picture capturing skills to next level with these photography drones with camera on sale .

so come on folks lets take a look at some of the finest photography drones which will definitely take your photo taking hobby to next level by converting it into passion for life ,because these drones got some real pic capturing powers as of now in 2018 ,until something better comes in future .

1. DJI CP BX 000212 : high quality Film photography Drone AKA inspire 2.0 quadcopter

are you looking for something which could really perfrom upto your expectation in the sky to capture some jaw dropping visuals from different angles with accurate details and great pixel density ,then this one is for you . dji inpsire 2 drone is made for professionals to perform the work in sky which would eave many people spell bound .


some of the amazing features of DJI inspire 2 are as follows

it comes with sense and avoid technology along with spotlight pro to fly effortlessly without any interruption and collisions while capturing some amazing videos. besides that it also has many pre-build flight modes for the effecient and smooth workflow to get best quality videos and images every time you fly it in the sky.

It weighs around 16 pounds and comes in dimensions of 18-12-21 inches.

not to forget that its incredible dji x5s camera is capable of recording videos in upto 5.2k resolution easily .moreover the drone can go from 0 to 80kph in 5 sec and can fly at maximum speed of upto 94 kph .it is also very stable while flying in breeze and windy days due to its solid built quality .

Its dual battery system is capable of providing 27 minutes of flight time when you are using x4s or something similar camera with the drone which I think is ok but not too good for this kind of beast drone .

Video transition system gas got ramped up from previous inspire 1 drone as now it comes with dual channel support along with dual frequency for instant streaming of video to controller from main drone camera and fpv camera for better collaboration between shots taken by drone operator and camera operator simultaneously

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2. DJI Phantom 4 pro+ drone : bundle with lots of accessories

dji phantom 4 pro+ is a nice premium quality drone that is capable of taking good quality shots and video footage when in sky ,that the reason its being ranked #1 in new release category of speciality film camera .moreover hundreds of people have rated it with 5 stars due to its solid build quality and awesome camera quality to capture some amazing video footage above the beautiful boundaries of song saa island in Cambodia and beaches of spain .

the image below depicts all the items you get in this discounted bundle package of dji phantom 4 pro plus drone and i recommend you to buy the bundle ,rather than buying only drone because you will get all the essential items including most important one ” 3 extra batteries ” along with sd cards ,cleaning kit ,battery chargers ,portable drone hard case for carrying it safely around the world and many more items needed with your drone to fly and capture some great pics that too at discounted rates when you buy from link given below .

phantom 4 pro plus bundle

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3. Gopro Karma photography Drone

gorpo karma-drone

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4. Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon : Quadcopter for photography 

yuneec q500+ camera drones

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5. Autel Robotics X Star : Premium photography Drone with 4K Camera

autel robotics 4k drone

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6. Walkera Voyager 3 : Drone with full hd Camera

Walkera-Voyager-3 full hd Camera drone

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I think till now you must have decides which one of the above would you be buying soon to capture some jaw dropping pictures right from the sky ,if you have decided then go ahead and buy it soon with discount from above links because you don’t know when an awesome memory gets captured with your drone which could bring tears of joy in the year down the line when you see it and cherish the happy old memories with nostalgia with family and friends,but if you haven’t decided and still wondering which one to buy ,then i would suggest that you should go ahead and buy anyone of the drone from above list which falls in your budget to see what a photography drone is capable of doing , if you are satisfied with it then you can buy a new one with more advanced camera and budget after few months or 1-2 year as you would have developed good skill to handle drones and passion for photography by that time .

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If you like our collection of finest photography drones of 2018 then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family because you don’t know when it may turn into a vacation together with them after they buy a good photography drone too, for capturing some breathing pics on the island of Hawaii or the beaches of Spain and spend happy time together with each other .


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