Best Drone Battery Tips to Extend the Battery Life of Your Drones

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)
With drones getting popular and new quadcopter coming to market every day, the batteries also need to get a major upgradeExisting drones have an average battery life of 5-25 minutes. But recently some companies are working to increase the battery life on all existing drones. Here we have shared some drone battery tips to ramp up your existing drone battery life. So that you can get max out of it and get a unforgettable flying experience without any problem.

drone battery boasting tips

So come on guys lets take a look over the list of tips and tricks of best drone battery saving tips right below

drone battery boasting tips

1. Fly in the good environmental condition

Its advised that you should fly in good condition like light breeze and over all good weather to get maximum battery life for flying your drone. If you try to fly in rain or on windy day then your battery will drain fast and you will need to charge it more time which will ultimately decrease the battery life .

So go for good weather to get maximum and ideal flying time and good battery life .

2. fly at right height

You should fly at the appropriate height as prescribe by the drone manufacture to get maximum battery life .

If you fly very high your battery will deplete fast and you will get less flying time .also the more far you go the more battery will be required to keep up the drone and supply power for gps /wifi signals from your drone to device .

3. charge the battery to full ,once it drain full

To get the maximum battery life ,you should always try to charge up your drone to full battery before flying and also don’t keep the drone for charging overnight ,because if the battery gets overcharged then in long run it will decrease your battery life and you will need to replace the battery in short time .

Also fly your drone till your battery is empty or red sign of battery doesn’t show on your drone remote control and then only go for charging it again ,doing this will help you to get maximum flying time and long battery cycle life .

4. use the right size propellers

Propellers is a major building block of a drone which need to be of correct dimensions and size to fly the best quadcopter easily without putting too much stress on the battery .

if you tend to have a camera on the drone then the quadcopter propeller needs to be of high strength and big size to carry it without problem ,but if the size of drone is small then choose the small set of propellers to fly it easily and also save the battery of nano drone.

try to seek some advice from manufacture to know which propeller is best and also try to find out yourself by experimenting with some other propellers than which came along with quadcopter to see which gives you best,flawless performance along with good battery life while flying in the vast arena of end less winds

5. Buy a high mAh Battery

We all know that our quadcopter and drones come with mid range battery and theirs always a room for improvement to get equipped with a higher mAh battery .

So you can look out for options which your drone manufactures give to get additional battery which is right for your model and have more power than a traditional battery to get more juice while flying in air for enjoying with your drone and buddies to the fullest .

But while choosing a more mAh battery don’t forget that it will also make the drone heavy,so the more battery juice will will negotiate for the heavy weight ,that’s why more mAh battery helps upto a certain point to get the drone flying power up .

6. Charge your battery at right point of time

If you are the one who wants to keep things powered up day before flying your copter ,then you its for you buddy ,as we all know that drones comes with rechargeable battery and its a feature of batteries that they little loose power each and every day .

So if you charge your battery advance in many days then it would be surprise to see your battery empty on the day of take off ,that’s why its advised to charge your drone only in few hours or few days on advance from the flight day to keep the thing running to the new heights and keep you entertained to the fullest on the drone flying day with your buddies .


Take a look at this video to get some cool insight about drone batteries ,their working and how to save them.

Besides following all the above tips and tricks to save up your battery to get maximum flying time ,i would recommend you to buy at least 2 spare batteries ,if you are a real drone enthusiast because we all know inspite of following all the tips above you will see improvement in drone battery life but not a miracle .

So if you want fly for more time in one go without waiting for charging again ,then buy some more batteries with discount from here :discounted drone batteries .

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I hope you liked our collection of some actionable yet simple tips and tricks to save your drone battery and maximize its use to get an uninterrupted and awesome drone flying experience with these drone battery boasting tips .


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