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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

now days most of drones and flying planes, mini helicopters and other toys make use of lithium polymer batteries aka lipo batteries to get power and run the drones easily without any problem.

lipo batteries are highly sought after because of their characteristics of high energy to low weight ratio due to which they are able to provide enough energy to drones and quadcopters to fly high in sky without adding too much weight on the drone because they carry enough watt power per kg weight of drone to fly it for long time without losing power totally .

drone lipo batteries explained

Lipo Battery balance charger

we all know that now days all the drones that use lipo batteries , comes with a standard charger to charge the battery ,they are fine to use ,but if you really care about your lipo battery then you can buy a lipo balance charger because it provides equal amount of charge to each battery cell with same voltage throughout until battery is completely full.

These lipo balance chargers will easily charge all your lipo batteries for different drones and toys without any issue .moreover not to forget that these high end lipo balance chargers can also diagnose battery problems if they have any and shows the charge status also besides other battery information .you can also recover the damaged battery some time’s by charging it slowly and patiently over the period of time by lipo balance charger ,but let me make it clear its for people who understand the lipo batteries and charger inside out , not for common people .

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How to combat low drone battery problem?

If you are a frequent drone flyer and lover to fly your drone without any interruption of battery juice lose in mid-flight when you want to fly more to capture some beautiful pics of nature ,then there are 2 choice with you that either you buy a drone which is expensive and comes with bigger battery for better flight time and the other one is that always buy couple of extra battery with your drones to fly without any problem when you are in mood of flying your drone far and wide .

How lipo batteries are made?

are you guys interested in knowing how lipo batteries are made ,then the video given below will give a brief idea about how lipo batteries are built ,so take a look at the video and know how these lipo power batteries are made in factories across the world .

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How to store lipo drone batteries with full safety for prolonged use without getting destroyed

Store the batteries at room temperature in a fireproof location to prevent any kind of damage and accidents, you can make use of lipo storage safe pack for storing batteries which are not in use as they are made up of fireproof material.

Store the battery at around 50% charge at 3.8 volts prolonged longivity as each battery cell has certain c=voltage to keep the battery chemicals stable for long time if the correct voltage is always maintained ,when storing it for weeks or month but of you use it frequently then you can charge full and use again in few days which wont be a problem .


Lipo batteries have powered all the flying drone for quite some time and they will be doing so for long time to come until something smaller and better comes to market which is much more efficient than current lipo batteries .

Till then make sure that you treat your lipo power batteries with respect because they are the one’s which help in flying drones to give you all the desired fun and enjoyment with your flying photography drones 


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