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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

As we move forward with advancement in drone technology ,the drone lovers has also increased world wide due to the massive uses and application of drones which can make our work much more easier to do .besides that many people love to fly drones for fun and enjoyment .whatever the purpose of flying a drone may be by anyone in our society its for sure that once in a while they might encounter with a problem with drone flying or a drone related question which they want to get answer for to keep the drone flying passion alive .


so keeping in mind all the drone lovers and enthusiasts ,we have come up with some of the most asked questions related to drone for you to get all the answers about them easily from this article .

so come folks lets dive right into the Drone FAQ and get the answers below .

what is a drone ?

Drone is an Unmanned flying Vehicle which can travel to any place of your choice depending on its range and various other capabilities and perform the operation of your choice like capturing images , delivering good ,serving food in restaurant etc .

Their are various types of drones depending on its use and capabilities and number of propeller wings like quadcopters,tricopter,hexacopter etc

Moreover it can be controlled via remote control in your hand or a setup with software’s for different purposes from mills away .In simpler and common men term you can call drone a flying robot .

which drone has highest flight time ?

as we move forward with advancement in technology we would achieve new benchmarks of highest drone flying time ,but as of now its being held by condor quadcopter which seems to fly for maximum of 90 minutes in sky without any issues . you can check out the video given below to know more about it .

what happens when drones goes out of our sight ?

it happens that your drone went out of range to certain unfavorable conditions , then the drone would return to its starting point where the controller of drone is automatically or manually due to the gps embedded in drone and its starting point recorded in it only if it got enough battery left in it otherwise it will land where it is when the battery drains out and you lost connection .

which all drones and quadcopter’s need’s to be registered prior to flying ?

registration guidelines are different for different countries in which you are flying the drone but in USA according to the FAA guidelines all the drone above .55 lbs and upto 55 lbs need to be registered online with FAA website under aircraft registry process.

if you want to fly drone that do not require any registration then you can go here : drones under 0.55 lbs with no FAA registration required

what are some best gopro camera compatible drones ?

With the rise in drone market ,the number of drones are also increasing and so are the gopro action camera compatible drones .Their are many drones which can make use of gopro camera like phantom 2 v 2.0 ,gopro karma an many more .

you can find some of the best gopro drones here : .

Moreover we would intimate you if any more powerful and good gopro compatible drones comes to market .

If you love drones with action cameras then you choose some of the best action cameras like gopro hero 5 etc for your drone from here :best drone action camera with discount

what are some drone accessories which i need to buy when purchasing drones ?

there are many accessories which you might want to buy when buying drone like light polarizing filters for better video footage and stunning clear pictures from drone camera ,extra batteries to keep the drone juiced up for long time, propellers if you break any while flying ,micro sd cards to record videos and store photos and many more to keep your drone up and running without any issues.

you can check out some of the essential drone accessories here: best drone accessories for drone lovers 

what are the restrictions of using drone for professional media purposes ?

Is It legal to use drones for business purposes ?

yes its legal to fly drones for commercial and business purposes but you need to fulfil the requirements given prior to flying drones and quadcopters for commercial purposes

1. You need to register your drone with FAA under rule 333 grant exception to fly drone in USA

2. You need to obtain an COA (certificate of authorization ) for flying .it can be obtained in 1-3 months based on different conditions

3. Full FAA complaint registration of your drone you are flying

4. Drone pilot must have and FAA airman certificate for authenticity

What is drone racing ?

Drone racing is a form of sports which involves racing with drones where drone pilots from various parts of world come together in a custom designed drone racing arena with different levels and hurdles ,then fly the drone with remote controls in their hands ,some also prefer to make use of vr gear for immersive and rich racing experience .

The winner then gets lots of prizes including money and other goodies ,generally their is small fees for entry in such competitions .

If you are a drone racing fan then you can also organize a race with your buddies in your own local park to have fun and enjoy the time .

To find more about drone racing and some of the best racing drones which could be used for drone racing you can go here : best racing drones on sale


I hope you got all your answers for your drone and UAV related questions in mind ,but if still their something in your mind for which the answer is not given above ,then let us know in comment section below and we would love to answer all your drone related FAQ’s and add the answers in this posts soon which would help you fly your drone with easy without any worries and problems after reading these frequently asked questions on drones .

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