What is headless mode in a drone and quadcopter

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

With the increasing popularity ,applications like drone racing,drone delivery and awareness about mini drone,micro drones,rc drones, rc helicopters and quadcopter among children and adults the questions about the working of drones are also increasing .

One of the major question that comes a beginners mind before buying a drone is whats a headless mode on drone and what purpose does it serve ,so to get a best answer to this question along with some good headless mode drones options we have come up with this post exclusively for our loyal readers to make them aware about his feature of drone before they head out to a new drone for their kids this holiday season .

Akaso X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Headless RC Quadcopter-headless mode drones

What is Headless Mode in drones and quadcopters ?

Due to the fact that it becomes difficult for the pilot to control the drone and quad copter from back when the distance between both of them increases ,headless mode is used to fly it in right direction without any concern for pilot about orientation while controlling ti from far away distance .

Headless mode in drones make sure that the quad copter will always fly from your remote controls prospective ,irrespective of the current drone position .so if you have a drone with headless mode in it than flying it would become more easy like if you press left fly button your joystick according to your position then it will fly left and right with right button press with your current position and orientation in mind ,but without a headless mode then drone will fly to its right when you press right which would be your left ,ultimately causing a mess and spoiling your mood of flying a drone due to messing of control as perceived by your mind

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How Does Headless Mode Work?

The headless mode in drone and quadcopters works in simple manner .all you need to do is place the drone in front of you with its front .and after that fly it with your drone controller without any problem in handling orientation as your left will be drone left and right will be drone right which is very good for film makers using drones for shooting because generally drones with headless mode save the time setting orientation of drone for good shoots ,but drones without it take time and battery power to get the orientation right if you are not a expert flyers.

After you take of the drone with the controller in your hand the program inside the drone controller any directional changes of drone are automatically oriented correctly without any problem for smooth sailing of your drones in the clear skies which means when you push fly the drone to 90 degrees on the left side then also it will go forward when you push forward button but in a drone which is not equipped with headless mode feature it will go left which allows you to make great videos when you are running on beach fronts for better body fitness always.

Best HeadLess Mode Drones And quadcopters

If you are willing to buy a new headless mode drone then their are may good ones in market to try out like cheerson drones,potensic drones ,syma headless drones etc in smaller segment and in bigger segment all the major high class drones like dji drones ,udi drones,parrot drones etc comes with much more advanced headless mode features which are not found in small size drones  .

so you can check out on amazon.com to find some cool drones with headless mode with discount to buy these headless mode drones without burning hole in your pocket and stay happy.

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