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Holy Stone HS200D Review

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2018)

Holy Stone is probably my favorite drone company other than DJI. Their drone is not as flashy and gorgeous as the high end DJI models. But they fly just as well. More importantly they are priced much more budged friendly, especially to the beginner and intermediate drone enthusiasts. In this Holy Stone HS200D Review I will take you through the pros and cons of this nice product and help you decided if this is for you.

Holy Stone HS200D Feature Highlight

  • HD FPV camera
  • altitude hold
  • mobile control
  • headless flying mode
  • one key return
  • 2.4 gigahertz control technology
  • 1 hour charging time
  • 9-minute flight time
  • 120m range
  • 50m video range

As you can see from the above feature list. HS200D is packed with common features they even the budget buyers look for nowadays. Because of companies like Holy Stone, we can all enjoy great flying experiences without breaking the bank.

For less than $100 you are getting features like FPV, headless flying mode, etc. This is great for someone who is only getting into the rc drone and quadcopter arena the first time but still want to get to stretch the limit with their toy.

2MP Camera with FPV

One of the highlights of HS200D is it’s camera. Even though 2MP is not an impressive specification to brag about, it does take decent pictures at 720p resolution. It allows you to get a feel of how aerial photography works without spending hundreds of dollars up front.

You may have never heard of FPV if you are new to drones. FPV (First Person View) allows you to see from the drones perspective as it flies in the air. It is an exciting feature that allows you to control the drone with more precision.

With HS200D, you can fly in FPV mode, too. With the included Holy Stone App for smartphones, you can achieve this easily when connecting the drone to the phone via wifi.

Flight Control Features

No matter how many fancy features you have, how well a drone can fly is still the deciding factor when purchasing a drone. Let’s look at how well Holy Stone HS200D flies.

Headless Mode

This is a must-have feature if you want to have an easier time flying the drone. This feature allows the pilot to fly the drone in all directions without turning the “head” around.

Altitude Hold

This feature is getting more and more common in budget drone products. Nevertheless, it is extremely useful, especially if you want to take drone selfies. However due to the relatively small body, while hovering in the air, the drone can be unstable when heavy wind is present.

One Button Take Off and Landing

Even if you are not experienced drone pilot, you might have heard that airplanes run the highest risk when taking off or landing.

This is also true for drones. To make your flying experience more enjoyable, one button take off and landing feature makes the most difficult part of flying easy to do.


We conclude by saying that Holy Stone HS200D is a solid drone with a affordable price. Rich flying features plus a quality camera makes the drone more than adequate for beginners and children. However it is not enough for the more serious drone pilots and aerial photographer, because the camera is only 2mp.


Holy Stone HS200D


  • Budget Friendly
  • Decent 2mp Camera
  • FPV Mode
  • Rich Flying Mode


  • Short Flying Time
  • Limited Range

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