how to make money with drones

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

With the rise in awareness and use of drones and quadcopters in current era the applications of drone has also gone up which has opened lot of areas for using drones for commercial purposes in different aspects to make some money by drone hobbyist and drone lovers by using their drones and extending the services to people in need for drone services .

how to make money with drones

As we move forward, the drone users and advancement of drone technology will keep innovating new ways to use drones with the advanced drone features for the betterment of society to get our work done fast and easily.

Here we have discussed some of the popular ways that are being used by many people to make money with drones and quadcopters easily.generally drone operator are hired for their service on per hour basis for the work and it ranges from $50-$500 per hour on broader range depending on the types of drones you are flying and work you are doing with it .

so come on let’s take a look at the methods of making money with drones and quadcopter’s to get your pockets filled with cash stacks just by flying your drones high in sky.

1. Use drones for For live sports coverage

Drone use for live sports coverage on small and medium scale events is an great opportunity to make some quick bucks on the weekends or weekdays .All you need to do is collaborate and pitch your idea to the organizers of  the gaming league and then hire a local help for commentary or your friend would be good for this and you can make some nice money with your drone with the live drone video coverage to get some good bucks .So if you have a drone and want to make a constructive use of it to make some money then don’t forget to consider this as an opportunity for money making with drones .

2. Use Quadcopter’s for wedding cinematography

With the increase in drone craze among people of society and mindset to get the best wedding coverage to cherish forever people have started using drones for wedding photography and video making .now days wedding photographers are especially asked for drone coverage of wedding for crispy and clear shots from different angels .

3. For shooting short and long videos and commercial movies

many people are using drones for shooting professional quality videos and images .moreover many high quality movies with big budgets are made with drones to capture some jaw-dropping stunts from different angles in sky .

FYI one of the example of movies which used drones for filming is avengers age of Ultron which came in 2015.some other movies which used drones for filming purposes can be seen here .

4. Real Estate Photography

many commercial builders are making use of drones to see and inspect the big building areas and construction sites without going out in High Blazing sun to inspect the sun . so you can extend your drone flying skills to monitor the buildings and construction sites inside out from a cool room without any problem and see all the footage on the big screen with the builder and charge him on per hour basis .

5. Area Mapping and survey

area mapping and survey seems to have big application of drones and quadcopters and many industries and gov is also making use of drone for mapping different areas for searching life ,area for construction ,plant setup ,dimension mapping and many other activities besides surveying the total neighborhood and nearby areas for complete analysis without spending more on hiring people who would do this at must slower rate with less accurate results .

so if you are a trained and certified drone pilot to fly drone in any area then you can extend your services to people for mapping area ,doing area surveys and filling reports on hourly basis or contract basis for full work to bang some goo bucks even in your weekends when you are free from your regular work .

6. Agricultural farms surveillance service

drone-in-agriculture usePeople having large area of farm lands and other agriculture land tends to take care of it by hiring people and farmers to see for all the area of the land for pouring fertilizers ,check for weeds other problems etc but with the help of drones it could be done easily and in less time that is being taken by a conventional farmer for same purpose, as you can hire a drone operator with agricultural drone which is capable of spraying fertilizer all over the field in adequate quantities and take pictures of land also for any problems .many companies like DJI ,PrecisionHawk etc make good  drone for agricultural activities like crop monitoring ,seeds sprinkling etc

Hope you liked our collection of money making ways from drone and got the answer for how to make money with drones from above .we would add more ways to make money from drones in this post, so keep visiting our site for interesting stuff related to drones and quadcopters.

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