The Wingsland X1, Learn How To Fly

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2018)

Wingsland X1

When you decide to learn how to fly a racing drone, or any drone for that matter it is important to start small, strong and cheap. Because chances are you are going to have a crash.

Many people view the YouTube videos for the best drones that claim to be ‘easy to operate’ and ‘fly themselves’. When you are an experienced drone pilot this may be the case, but all experienced drone flyers will tell you the same thing. Start small and cheap!

So today we bring you the best drone to learn with that fits into the category of being both a racing drone and a normal camera drone in one.

The Wingsland X1, like all Wingsland drones is a very high quality build but at a fraction of the price of its competitors.

wingsland x1

The camera on the drone can be angled in different positions. Angle the camera right up and it is ready
to fly at top speeds as a racing drone, angle the camera forward and you can fly it like a normal camera
drone taking drone footage and snap shots.

Wingsland x1

The optical flow sensors on the X1’s belly let the drone know how far away it is from the ground making for a very easy take-off and a great landing every time. All the operator has to do is press the auto take- off button and the drone will magically take off safely, when the flyer wants to land the drone just press the landing button and the drone will slowly descend and land for you.

Wingsland x1Other great features for someone wanting to learn how to fly is the APP used to control the Wingsland X1. It can be downloaded onto any android or iOS device and easily connected to the drone via Wi

Fi connection. Then what the drone sees through the camera, the operator sees on their smartphone screen. This can be pretty cool when coupled with FPV (first person view) goggles, makes you feel like you’re inside the drone.


This drone also does 360 degree flips at the push of a button and has a battery monitor within the app so you know when to bring the drone back down.



wingsland x1Wingsland X1 comes with spare blades in the box and propeller protectors which we strongly recommend you use. If you are going to use this drone with kids then the blade protectors don’t only protect the propellers, they protect children.

When you do happen to break a blade it’s okay. There are some spare ones in the box which are extremely easy to attach and detach. They are also very cheap to buy if you run out.


From our review of the Wingsland X1 it is not a drone you would enter a professional drone race. But for learning how to fly a drone and a racing drone safely and cheaply indoors or outdoors this is the best drone for sale.

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