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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

As drone becomes more popular the demand for its usage in photography and videography industry will rise tremendously to capture some stunning moments from the sky without any glitches.

drone photography

Being a drone photography enthusiast, here I thought of sharing some useful information for all the drone photography enthusiast like me who are aspiring to capture some really cool and breathtaking images to cherish forever.

So come on folks lets drool over the list of some interesting tips to captures awesome pictures and videos from your drones right below.

  1. Use Camera Filters

When shooting videos and photos from your drones it might happen that sometimes you might get disappointed with your shots when comparing it to those high-end movies which are shot for commercial productions, that’s where these camera filters come into play.

Besides Buying camera filters for excellent drone videos and images, you should also consider buying some essential drone accessories to make your drone flying easy besides capturing good videos and photos with it.

You can make use of many camera filters such as neutral density filter for shooting videos with adjusted shutter speed as it reduces the amount of light coming into camera lens for better image and video, polarizing filters for next level high quality and clear shots and many others to make your videos and images look cool every time you put your drone camera into use.

Using these camera filters will also allow you to take some dashing and stunning images like you see on Instagram etc. while you are enjoying your summer bbq party with friends to make yourself popular on all social network sites among your buddies.

  1. Buy a drone With Good Camera

While buying a drone for photography purposes, It’s #1 priority to make sure that you get a good quality and high MP camera with your drone which meets your expectation fully to shot some best videos and images.

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drone camera for photography

Generally while buying a drone you get 2 choices either to buy drone that comes with fixed camera on it with different specification or drone with detachable action camera like GoPro ETC which you can buy yourself according to your need and use on your drone to capture some stunning Images , both options are good ,but if you got a GoPro already then you can buy a drone without camera which will cost you less when compared to with camera .

  1. Try to shoot with low ISO

Shooting with low iso helps to reduce the noise in the image and helps you capture good quality image but if you have low light then don’t go for lowest iso ,as it will not help you get the best image , go for little higher iso setting for getting the perfect shot even in low light .3-5 sec exposure range is good for capturing fine images without any distortion.

  1. Capture in RAW format

Raw format is best format used for most of the photographers who try their hand on drone photography because when you shoot in raw format you can make changes in colour component and edit lot of other details while processing the image which can’t be done if you choose to go for compressed jpeg format right from the drone .

4k drone image

So if you want to make your photos look good even after shooting them by adding a different kind of effects etc then choose RAW shooting format over jpeg format for drone photography.

To get more insight about drone technology for photography use and get all your unsolved queries answered, i would suggest you go through Drone FAQ and then start flying your drones for full performance without any doubt in your mind.

  1. Find the best angle and Styles to shoot

While shooting for drones, it happens sometimes that you want to capture the scene in best angle and style to capture the natural beauty as it is ,so in that kind of situation I would recommend you to take photos in variable styles like panorama, right angle, low iso, long exposure etc to be creative and get best possible shot every time which could be cherished in every point of your life. if you trying to depict a healthy lifestyle image like workout routines and cycling, swimming, running from top angles with your drones then also it gives stunning image always at 45 and 80 degrees angles.

beach view from drone videos

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I hope you liked our collection of some simple yet useful tips to take your drone photography skills to next level which would help you to capture the true essence of arena you are shooting in with your best top quality camera drones without being verbose in the captions ,as we all know beautiful and soulful pictures speaks for itself .

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